Social media for HR Marketing


Social media now plays a crucial role in HR marketing. In 2013, social media has completely changed the way recruiters operate their searching efforts. Many would argue this change is for the better.

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Professional presence in rainy days


It doesn’t rain everyday but one rainy day can make decent office ladies look messy and “messy” definitely does not sound professional, at all. So what should you do?

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Spread The Smiles – Winner!


Over the last 2 weeks Jolie Siam have been running a campaign to find the best Smile in Vietnam. We have asked all of our staff, and all of our fans on Facebook to enter our competition promoting a beautiful smile.

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Entrust HR Tasks To The Professionals


“Successful companies excel by focusing on what they do best.” – Glenn Davidson Read more

Le Bon Marché


On the weekend Jolie Siam  was happy to help the French Chamber of Commerce with the Bon Marche festival celebrating 40 years of French and Vietnamese diplomatic relations, with an exhibition of French and Vietnamese food and culture.

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