Outsourcing: The International HR Trend

Outsourcing, Jolie Siam, Receptionist

Outsourcing human resources  is not something new, though it has grown into a major component of many HR department, and looking forward into 2014, it seems that this trend is set to continue.

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The Worlds Most Famous Receptionists

Lễ tân Văn phòng

Depending upon the industry, a receptionist position can be considered a low-ranking, dead-end or servile position, or it could be perceived as having a certain veneer of glamour with opportunities for networking in order to advance to other positions within a specific field. Read more

Jolie Siam and Calvo Join Forces Again in 2014

Brand Ambassador, Promotion, Event, Calvo Group, Jolie Siam, PG,

Once again Jolie Siam and Calvo have been working together. For the second year running the Jolie Siam team was pleased to support Calvo on their recent promotion at Metro stores around the country with their new products.

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Vietnamese and French Beauty Secrets Revealed!

Jolie Siam, Hostess, Serving, Model, PG, Hostesses, Gala, Cung cấp nhân sự: Lễ tân, Trợ Lý Hành Chính, Thư ký, Đại sứ thương hiệu (PG), phiên dịch viên,

Every woman has their own secrets… And today we will discover – not only one but a lot of beauty secrets from Vietnamese and French women. Is there any difference between the two countries?

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Power of a smile


The receptionist sits or stands in your office all day long and her job simply welcomes your visitors and employees with a smile. Feel like you are wasting your resources on her position?

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