How to make a great impression when answering the phone?

Jolie Siam, Lễ tân

When potential clients call your business, you want to be sure they’re greeted with a friendly, helpful voice. But how could you can make a great impression every time? Here are some tips that we have picked up that will help to dramatically improve your telephone answering:

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First Impressions Count

Receptionist, Lễ tân

Whether it’s a conscious decision, or not, a lot of opinions are based on first impressions. If you walk into a restaurant and you are ignored by a waiter, you are immediately put into a bad frame of mind before you even see the food. It’s exactly the same in an office environment.

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Are You Aware of Brand Awareness?

HR Reception Outsourcing Receptionist

Employer branding is important in so many ways. It’s not just about making sure your logo looks good on an email signature, or that your business cards look perfect when you put them in your wallet. For us at Jolie Siam we find it especially important in two different ways.

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77 Days at Jolie Siam

Intern HR Outsourcing Jolie Siam

I wouldn’t be lying if I said that my 77 day internship at Jolie Siam was a journey that has brought more value than I wished.

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The Importance of training

Jolie Siam, Training, HR, Outsourcing

One thing that has become apparent during the season of predictions, and looking forward, is that Vietnam has a very active workforce. With less than 3% unemployment, the country has envious levels of employment compared to other countries around the world. However, as the econmoy changes the workforce will have to change with it, and moving away from an agrarian economy has it’s own challenges.

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