Where is the receptionist in the organizational structure?

Jolie Siam le tan

Receptionist is the position most likely to be underestimated in the organization. In others’ eye, their responsibilities are simply being beautiful and smiling. Receptionists do not seem to relate to other departments. Is that true? Read more

The top global HR trends in 2014

Jolie Siam Receptionist

Global economic growth will create a new level of competition for people. HR organizations will shift their focus from cost reduction to retention and engagement. Technology will continue to make the world a smaller place, forcing companies to improve their employment brand in every possible way. Read more

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Recruiters – Ones who save the day

Jolie Siam Outsourcing

Any recruitment is a complex puzzle solved only with talent. Companies are desperate for the valuable resources. They have tried almost every mean: online job boards, traditional ads, internal job postings and beyond.

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80% of Clients First Impressions Come From Speaking To Your Receptionist!

Jolie Siam, Receptionist, Training

One of the biggest challenges for businesses in 2014, is the continuing search for experienced candidates. When you link this with Vietnam’s relatively high unemployment figures for young people, it gives us a problem. Read more