When Should You Become A Mom?


As the majority of staff is women, Jolie Siam always pays special attention to the balance of life for them. One of their biggest concern is the huge impact of having children in their future career. When is the perfect time for them to be pregnant, so they can fulfill their family duties and work? We’d like to present to you one example of a succesful woman:

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After nearly one month, “What Happens Next – Session 2” contest has officially ended at 23h59’ on May 22nd 2014. Jolie Siam feels really surprised to receive lots of exciting answers from many young people full of variety: boys and girls, students and officers,…

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4 tips to optimize the role of the hostess team in an event


An event is always aimed to help enterprizes attract customers. The hostess team, besides being pretty and smiling, can also bring strategic values that not everyone can take advantage of.

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Team Leader – One of the most crucial factor of an event


In Vietnam, over recent years, the profession of Event Organization has developed rapidly in order to respond to the growing demand for advertising and the many new products being launched into the Vietnamese market. Event’s types are diverse, ranging from: conferences, product launch’s, inaugurations and seminars, to exhibitions. These different types of event require professionalism but more importantly the adaptability of the event organizers.

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WHY RECEPTIONIST DAY – Ngày của những lễ tân?


National Receptionists Day was initiated in 1991 by Jennifer Alexander, the director of National Receptionists Association. Every year on the second Wednesday in May, they hold this day to appreciate what receptionists represent every day, to recognize the valuable contribution receptionists make in business and provide an opportunity to thank them for the jobs they do.

The role of a receptionist is quite different. Receptionists are front line personnel and often take the calls that she/he will identify should be handled by a secretary or someone else in the company. The primary role of a receptionist is to represent the company in the image the company has developed through sales and advertising. A good receptionist will maintain and sometimes improve on that image. Part of the role of a receptionist is to determine the nature of the customer’s or client’s needs in order to forward the caller to the appropriate person.

May 14 2014 is Receptionists day this year. The purpose of Receptionists Day is two-fold. First, of all it gives recognition to receptionists. The second reason is to promote pride and professionalism in the position. On this day, treat your Receptionist with flowers, candy, or a lunch! Note: There is also a “Receptionist Week”. It is celebrated the Second week of May.

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