5 Work Wardrobe Essentials For Business Women

The thing that most people don’t realize is that you really don’t need much to have a great working wardrobe. Just a few staples to mix and match and you are good to go! Here are the 5 staples that you need for a great working wardrobe. These staples you can mix and match for an entire month without looking like you are wearing the same thing over and over: Read more

How to Tell if a Job Candidate Is Lying to You


Richard Brenner, owner of Chaco Canyon Consulting, an organizational and employee performance consulting firm, agrees: “Technically, an exaggeration is a lie, but most people don’t see it that way, so most people exaggerate.” But it’s not the exaggerations you need to be concerned about. According to Brenner, you don’t need to figure out the “exact truth.” If you can’t believe everything you’re told during an interview, how can you tell if a prospective employee is flat-out lying? Try the following tips for catching candidates in an out-and-out lie.

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6 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job


You dressed the part. You told engaging stories. You asked insightful questions. Frankly, you nailed the interview, but you didn’t get the job. What gives? You can certainly try to ask for feedback after receiving a rejection, but most employers probably won’t say much. If they do, it’ll be something fairly generic, along the lines of “other qualified candidates.” That, of course, isn’t always the real reason — it’s just that the real reason might be a little too awkward to actually say to someone’s face. So, what are some of these uncomfortable reasons for not selecting a particular job candidate? Read more

Top 5 Reasons HR Is On The Move


Once upon a time, most HR departments provided one-stop shopping for employees with questions or concerns about benefits, hiring, training, complaints, colleagues, etc. HR is a critical function and most companies handled it in-house. That’s all changing very rapidly. Today an estimated 50 percent of large companies outsource all or part of their HR needs.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Neither. Like everything else in business and talent management, a one size culture fits no one. The key is to develop a strategy and solution that works for your organization. Here are the 5 top reasons so many companies are turning HR over to outsourced experts: Read more

11 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil


Coconut oil, which is all-natural and available at just about every grocery store within a two-mile radius of wherever you are right now, is that holy grail. The evidence? These 11 beauty uses for coconut oil: Read more