The Power of the Smile in Business


Walking into any office for the first time can be pretty insecured for customers due to their unfamiliarity with everything: the products/services, the decorations, and the people working there. To break the ice and make them feel comfortable, a genuine smile is the key. And for the “front-office” positions like receptionists, a smile is even more important. Read more

Harry Potter and the Reception story!


Imagine: you walk into your office in a usual morning, still half-asleep as the coffee hasn’t hit you yet. Suddenly, standing in front of you is THE Harry Potter, smiling and welcoming you. Unbelievable? Well, that actually happened at Nylon’s head office (Watch clip). Read more

Impress your customers with just a single Greeting line


Our body is very reactive to positive emotions. Even when you are extremely upset, just by hearing someone greet you in a pleasant and sincere way, your frowns will disappear, your face crack a smile, and suddenly everything brighten up in your eyes. So what is that in a single greeting line that makes it so powerful like this? Read more

RETHINK: Are birthdays only for receiving gifts?


Birthday is an occasion when a person or institution celebrates the anniversary of their birth. For one day a year, each of us becomes the center-of-attention and our wishes are fulfilled. Birthdays instantly associate with sweet and special gifts from others to the host. But surprisingly, that might not always be the case! Read more

Receptionist and 10 seconds to make or break an image


In companies around the world, those in the reception role set the stage for the entire journey of the customers. First impressions, therefore, are powerful drivers in any business. Read more