How to manage office suppliers in 6 easy steps


Managing office stationery not only limits to knowing what to buy and where to store, but also how to reduce the cost by reusing and recycling. We offer 6 basic steps below to simplify and optimize your stationery management procedure.

Step 1: Check what kind of stationery the office already has, then make a list and note the amount of each type, how much is being used and how much still in storage.

Step 2: Create a master list of the stationery the staff are currently using and try to estimate how much they’ll use in the next three months.

Step 3: Compare 2 lists. Consider reusing stationery that is only partially used. Encourage people to find ways to reuse office supplies, especially one-sided paper.

Step 4: Finalize the type and amount of supplies needed. Then compare the prices, discount policy,… from different suppliers to choose where to buy.

Step 5: After distributing new stationery to the staff, set aside a space to store the extra supplies. You might keep the key and print out a follow-up system where people sign and note the amount of the stationery they take out.

Step 6: 6. Set up a schedule to regularly check the stock of stationery and re-order supplies. Subscribe to the newsletters of your suppliers and stay informed about any promotions or discount offers.

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