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The most unexpected mistake in transferring messages (and how to avoid it)

Free message form template

<> If you are a receptionist, chances are that you haven’t prepared for this situation: Read more

Case Study #1 – When candidates decide to skip casting altogether!


Promotional jobs attract many young Vietnamese every year. Facebook alone hosts hundreds of PG and PB groups. With such a huge number of members, this community seems like a promising human resource for events and campaigns – or is it? Read more

5 things to remember before every team meeting


Working in a team has never been easy. With only 2 people, there is already a bunch of ideas that is hard to mediate, let alone reaching consensus. Now imagine a group of 5 or 8! So to ensure you contribute to the next effective team meeting, Jolie Siam has found 5 most useful things you should remember before stepping into the room. Read more

From Daily Conversations to Higher Chances of Promotion


As we all know, getting a “yes” in the negotiation for your promotion does not just happen overnight. Before putting you in charge of any team, your boss (and your colleagues) needs to assess your ability based on their observation, which starts from the first moment you set foot into the office.

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DISC – A Tool to Leverage Your Next Successful Conversation


Communication is one of the most important skills towards success. One technique to improve any conversation is to “have both feet on the ground,” or simply, to know who you are, and who the other person is.

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