Bridal Fair 2009

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The “How to build a perfect wedding plan” seminar, known as Bridal Fair, was organized at the Rex Hotel between the 23rd to 24th May 2009.

Besides the bridal fair, Jolie Siam also took part in the fashion show on 23 May night. Jolie Siam receptionists participated in a wedding celebration, performed in a festival ceremony, welcomedEntering the fair, customers might have thought they were joining in a real wedding which is fulfilled by happiness. Jolie Siam’s young ladies were half familiar, and half unfamiliar in their new black dresses which were designed extraordinary, with shawls and flowers.

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Visitors had opportunities to meet and talk to wedding service providers to prepare for their wedding. One visitor said: “The strange feeling at the beginning has completely disappeared. I feel welcome as in my relative’s wedding” which is the best compliment our HR staff could receive, showing how natural outsourcing staff can be.The fair was a bridge between luxury wedding service providers and their customers who are readers of the various Bridal Magazines. By bringing to this festival a team of professional receptionists and brand ambassadors, who are well-trained in welcoming and servicing customers, Jolie Siam proudly became the main sponsor of the Bridal Fair. After entering, visitors could immediately see a graceful team of Jolie Siam’s welcoming staff, offering them a warm reception.

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Founded in 2006, Jolie Siam has rapidly become the foremost company in welcoming services and HR outsourcing in Vietnam.

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