Case Study #1 – When candidates decide to skip casting altogether!


Promotional jobs attract many young Vietnamese every year. Facebook alone hosts hundreds of PG and PB groups. With such a huge number of members, this community seems like a promising human resource for events and campaigns – or is it?


Company #1 had a booth in Vietbuild International Exhibition 2015 on September 1. They need 6 PGs to greet guests and introduce the products.

After screening the profiles, they called 10 potential candidates for casting. To their surprise – none of the candidates showed up!

They contacted Jolie Siam on August 16.


After discussing the recruitment requirements with Company #1, Jolie Siam spent one week finalizing the candidates from our database(*).

26/08: We sent miniCVs, Company #1 made the last selection.

31/08: We organized a training session for the PGs.

01/09: The PGs started working at the exhibition.


download (1) Deliver good impression of brand image

download (1) Customer Database KPI

download (1) Professional working attitude

download (1) Company #1’s satisfaction – 100%

(*) Jolie Siam’s database consists of qualified and trained staff. We organize new casting every quarter, followed by training sessions in reception and event skills.

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