5 things to remember before every team meeting


Working in a team has never been easy. With only 2 people, there is already a bunch of ideas that is hard to mediate, let alone reaching consensus. Now imagine a group of 5 or 8! So to ensure you contribute to the next effective team meeting, Jolie Siam has found 5 most useful things you should remember before stepping into the room. Read more

4 Questions Business Owners Should Ask Themselves Before Hiring An HR Rep


For many companies, hiring a human resources professional is a milestone that separates a lean startup from a stable business.

To find out what small-business owners should consider before they hire an HR rep, Lisa Mattiello, founder of the Rhode Island catering company Pranzi, and Joel Graybeal, co-owner of the North Carolina rock-climbing gym Triangle Rock Club, suggest asking yourself the following questions. Read more

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21134_525434654150740_141425357_nThanh Thảo – Community Manager, is responsible for community management on social networks. For a long time, Thao has realized that she shares many of the Jolie Siam key qualities, even down to her favorite colours (red and black) to a passion for France. Also having an interest in Femininity and the welcoming services industry. Outside of work she enjoys listening to music and reading, always following her motto of “Work hard, play smart”. You can see more on her LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/thao-doan

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pic_dan Dan works for Jolie Siam as a Community manager. Coming from the UK initially he has recently relocated to Saigon. He has 4 years experience in the Recruitment and HR Outsourcing industry, working in Technical recruitment and also the Reception Industry. He enjoys reading, writing, playing sport (Rugby & Running), and sitting in the sun next  to the swimming pool! You can see more on his LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/crummack

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Sales and Marketing AssistantKim Tien  is working as a Communication Assistant Intern at Jolie Siam. For her, the media plays a very important role not only for Marketing at Jolie Siam but also in her major at the University of Finance – Marketing. She is looking to continue her development of a sustainable career in business. She has a bookcase filled with books and her favorite one is Currency Wars – Song Hongbing. By the way, she’s also a fan of Harry Potter. Find our more about here here: vn.linkedin.com/pub/tien-truong/88/466/95a

Nguyen Thi Huong

Human Resource Specialist

pic_huong Huong is regarded as a highly professional and experienced HR practitioner in her field. She has gained experienced in a range of internal HR schemes; manage turnover and relationship with employees, collect information on job satisfaction survey, training & coaching development programs, which have deepened her insights into both the employer and employee perspectives. She possesses a good understanding of training and coaching needs analysis to meet clients’ requirements and labor market trends. She loves cooking, travelling, listening to music. Strengthen comprehensive cooperation, effectiveness of the collaboration are her targets. Find out more on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/jolie-siam

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pic_luanGraduated in International Economic Relations, 21-year-old Luan, called Harry, is working as a Communication Assistant Intern at Jolie Siam. His daily tasks revolve around promoting Jolie Siam and designing materials for customers’ events. He loves problem solving and achieving goals, especially being challenged in an international environment. He’s interested in brain games, rap, cars and football. Make friends with him if you are a Gunner too. Find out more on LinkedIn vn.linkedin.com/pub/harry-do/77/6b8/16a/

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