Millennials in the Workplace


The Millennial Generation in Asia was born from about 1992 to 2002. Millennials are the present and future workforce, expected to make up 50% of the world’s workforce in the next 5 years. However, there is a huge gap in perception about this generation between recruiters and millennials themselves. Read more

Case Study #1 – When candidates decide to skip casting altogether!


Promotional jobs attract many young Vietnamese every year. Facebook alone hosts hundreds of PG and PB groups. With such a huge number of members, this community seems like a promising human resource for events and campaigns – or is it? Read more

Checklist for first-time job seekers


There are many “mysterious” factors that affect the result of job seeking. If you are looking for a job for the first time, take a look through the checklist below to make sure you get the dream job at the soonest: Read more

6 Ways to Impress on your First days at Work

6ways-eng-02At any workplace, the first impression not only affects short-term perception about you but also your long-term reputation and career success. Check out 6 ways below to make a positive impression during your first days on the job: Read more

The Power of the Smile in Business


Walking into any office for the first time can be pretty insecured for customers due to their unfamiliarity with everything: the products/services, the decorations, and the people working there. To break the ice and make them feel comfortable, a genuine smile is the key. And for the “front-office” positions like receptionists, a smile is even more important. Read more