The most unexpected mistake in transferring messages (and how to avoid it)

Free message form template

<> If you are a receptionist, chances are that you haven’t prepared for this situation: Read more

Case Study #1 – When candidates decide to skip casting altogether!


Promotional jobs attract many young Vietnamese every year. Facebook alone hosts hundreds of PG and PB groups. With such a huge number of members, this community seems like a promising human resource for events and campaigns – or is it? Read more

6 Easy Tips for Successful Networking


We usually prefer to do business with people we know and trust. However, expanding our professional network is also vital as it can open doors to more opportunities. To make networking more effective, we offer some quick and easy tips below: Read more

Harry Potter and the Reception story!


Imagine: you walk into your office in a usual morning, still half-asleep as the coffee hasn’t hit you yet. Suddenly, standing in front of you is THE Harry Potter, smiling and welcoming you. Unbelievable? Well, that actually happened at Nylon’s head office (Watch clip). Read more

Impress your customers with just a single Greeting line


Our body is very reactive to positive emotions. Even when you are extremely upset, just by hearing someone greet you in a pleasant and sincere way, your frowns will disappear, your face crack a smile, and suddenly everything brighten up in your eyes. So what is that in a single greeting line that makes it so powerful like this? Read more