The most unexpected mistake in transferring messages (and how to avoid it)

Free message form template

<> If you are a receptionist, chances are that you haven’t prepared for this situation:

A customer called to meet your boss, but the boss was not available. You carefully noted down all information, and then gave the memo to the boss yourself. Just when you thought your job was done perfectly, the boss came to you two days later saying… she LOST the memo! You would do her a favor to remember the name of that caller.

It is an obvious sign that the boss plays a big role in this situation. However, take it in another light, imagine how much appreciative this boss would be if the receptionist could have told her the name of the customer.

How, in the monolith of multitasking, can you remember a name from a call happened two days ago? Believe it or not, the solution is pretty simple. Try to use the Message forms. With Message forms, you are able to:

1. Know what information you need to ask for

2. Duplicate information by using carbon papers or print in carbonless sheets.

3. Organize the forms by time or alphabet

You can download the free printable Message Form template and print out yourself.

The next time your boss asks you about the customer who called a week ago, you know you are ready to impress.

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