6 Body Language Lessons From Famous Entrepreneurs


Considering the stature of these entrepreneurs, you can be sure that most, if not all, have had some kind of coaching on how best to present themselves. So take a few easy lessons from their book. Read more

How to Eliminate the Worst Job Applicants (and Find a Star Employee)


It turns out that the key to efficient hiring is filtering—creating a series of progressive hoops that every applicant must jump through in order to get to the next stage. What I’m sharing with you are ways to weed out unsuitable applicants. By the end of the process, you’re left with the best applicants to invite in for a traditional, face-to-face sit down.

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How to Handle a Great Employee With a Bad Habit


About 15 years ago, I owned a company with a small telemarketing division. Of the four or so employees we had in that division, Bill was far and away the superstar. He scheduled more appointments than anyone else, and he did it effortlessly, with no complaints. But there was one problem. Bill didn’t shower, and had a horrible body and clothing odor problem. I didn’t realize how bad the problem was until I was approached by some of Bill’s coworkers and I checked it out for myself. Sure enough, Bill’s odor made the work environment exceedingly unpleasant, and I had to find a way to deal with it.

I followed the strategies that I’m about to share with you, and completely resolved the problem. Bill was clean as a whistle, his coworkers were much happier and I retained a top-performing employee.

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5 Work Wardrobe Essentials For Business Women

The thing that most people don’t realize is that you really don’t need much to have a great working wardrobe. Just a few staples to mix and match and you are good to go! Here are the 5 staples that you need for a great working wardrobe. These staples you can mix and match for an entire month without looking like you are wearing the same thing over and over: Read more

How to Tell if a Job Candidate Is Lying to You


Richard Brenner, owner of Chaco Canyon Consulting, an organizational and employee performance consulting firm, agrees: “Technically, an exaggeration is a lie, but most people don’t see it that way, so most people exaggerate.” But it’s not the exaggerations you need to be concerned about. According to Brenner, you don’t need to figure out the “exact truth.” If you can’t believe everything you’re told during an interview, how can you tell if a prospective employee is flat-out lying? Try the following tips for catching candidates in an out-and-out lie.

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