Millennials in the Workplace


The Millennial Generation in Asia was born from about 1992 to 2002. Millennials are the present and future workforce, expected to make up 50% of the world’s workforce in the next 5 years. However, there is a huge gap in perception about this generation between recruiters and millennials themselves. Read more

Case Study #1 – When candidates decide to skip casting altogether!


Promotional jobs attract many young Vietnamese every year. Facebook alone hosts hundreds of PG and PB groups. With such a huge number of members, this community seems like a promising human resource for events and campaigns – or is it? Read more

How to Incorporate Personal Image Into Your Style


You want to build a very professional image, so you work hard, you enthusiastically help people, you never miss any deadline. Good! But are these attitudes enough to speak credibility to your name? Well, it is undeniable that whether you are working on branding yourself as a public relations pro, business owner,  stylist, whatever, if you want people to believe it, the outside has to match the inside for people to believe.. Read more