Outsourcing human resources is not something new, though it has become grown into a major component of many HR department. The focus on outsources is a result of organizations trying to focus manpower and financial resources. With global talent able to fulfill many of the requirements of an HR department, employee costs and management are reduced often with an increase in performance.

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10 Reasons Job Seekers Should Embrace Social Media


A June CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals revealed that 43 percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates. The report states: “One third (33%) of employers who research candidates on social networking sites say they’ve found content that made them more likely to hire a candidate. What’s more, nearly a quarter (23%) found content that directly led to them hiring the candidate.” Read more

5 Soft Skills You Should Always Mention In An Interview


Soft skills include: attitude, communication skills, time management, critical thinking and a slew of other categories that do not relate to intelligence. There’s no question that soft skills play a role in most, if not all, hiring decisions. So how can you demonstrate these skills during an interview? The following tips can help highlight these five soft skills during an interview. Read more


Jolie Siam has conducted a survey for two months in order to collect opinions from over 150 receptionists (cum administrators) now working for multinational or large corporations in Hochiminh City. They gave us their deepest and most truthful shares about their needs and their wants in worklife. We also took advantage of our experiences in HR Outsourcing and Welcoming services to provide you with helpful and concrete analyses. Consulting our infographic, you might have your own judgement and initiate a suitable HR solution or career path for yourself.

We proudly present to you here the first part of our analyses, entitled Requirements and Qualification, so you can get the panorama of the profession of receptionist in Vietnam.

As we know, the receptionist creates the first impression of a company. This means, they have to maintain a professional attitude while conversing, need to be well-versed with verbal – written communication styles and most important, need to maintain decorum and a professional atmosphere in and around the reception area. Moreover, every multinational corporation looks for a multi-languaged receptionist, so their internal and external communication can be proceed with ease.

The administrative receptionists have an important part within the company. They are responsible for managing and organizing all of the company’s front desk activities. For such positions, in multinationals, for instance, administrative receptionists are required to have an academic background. They are expected to have good knowledge about the computers as the reception has to cope with the internet, word documents, creating and merging the spreadsheets, etc. Besides, receptionists in some multinational companies also have to handle task such as bookkeeping, payroll, payment collection,…. A whole lot of people in the company they work for depend on them and their abilities to perform multiple tasks promptly and proficiently. They also need to exactly follow the superiors’ directions. Otherwise, all operations will be messed up.

Over 150 receptionists interviewed, 6 men are doing this job. This fact reflects a new trend nowadays that receptionists don’t have to always be women. The company must consider some issues related to female staff: maternity leave, lack of flexibility,… and then sometimes, make quite a innovative decision. In the other hand, with so many duties to take care of as we mentioned above, the receptionist’s job is no longer as simple as it was assumed to be, so good news for those who are young (before 29 years old), single and confident that you’re able to handle all the pressure. You can get the job!

This is just the beginning of our analyses! If you’re interested, keep follow us on our facebook page, linkedIn and our website and stay tuned for our upcoming infographic.

How to make a great impression when answering the phone?

Jolie Siam, Lễ tân

When potential clients call your business, you want to be sure they’re greeted with a friendly, helpful voice. But how could you can make a great impression every time? Here are some tips that we have picked up that will help to dramatically improve your telephone answering:

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