4 Questions Business Owners Should Ask Themselves Before Hiring An HR Rep


For many companies, hiring a human resources professional is a milestone that separates a lean startup from a stable business.

To find out what small-business owners should consider before they hire an HR rep, Lisa Mattiello, founder of the Rhode Island catering company Pranzi, and Joel Graybeal, co-owner of the North Carolina rock-climbing gym Triangle Rock Club, suggest asking yourself the following questions. Read more



Outsourcing human resources is not something new, though it has become grown into a major component of many HR department. The focus on outsources is a result of organizations trying to focus manpower and financial resources. With global talent able to fulfill many of the requirements of an HR department, employee costs and management are reduced often with an increase in performance.

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5 Easy tips to speed up your resume screening


There have been several times when you were swamped with hundreds of resumes for a single job posting? – how does one screen down to the best applicants without taking days and days of effort?

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6 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job


You dressed the part. You told engaging stories. You asked insightful questions. Frankly, you nailed the interview, but you didn’t get the job. What gives? You can certainly try to ask for feedback after receiving a rejection, but most employers probably won’t say much. If they do, it’ll be something fairly generic, along the lines of “other qualified candidates.” That, of course, isn’t always the real reason — it’s just that the real reason might be a little too awkward to actually say to someone’s face. So, what are some of these uncomfortable reasons for not selecting a particular job candidate? Read more

How to Hire Right the First Time


Lack of time and attention to the hiring process is the root cause of poor hiring decisions and employees who wash out early on. Bad hires are costly, and they can sidetrack your company’s growth. Here are some tips to help you make good hires every time. Read more