While interviewing Indra K.Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo, at the Aspen Ideas Festival Monday, David Bradley, who owns The Atlantic, asked two questions that elicited as frank a discussion of work-life balance as I’ve seen from a U.S. CEO. Below is a lightly edited transcript. Read more

6 ways women can build confidence at work


Women still are underrepresented in many industries, in government positions and in the board room. But that can change. Exuding confidence is one step toward speaking up, standing out and moving up the corporate ladder. And you don’t have to act like a man to get there. Read more

Easy ways to lose weight at work


Let Jolie Siam show you some easy ways to lose weight at work which you think is impossible to do: Read more

Common beauty mistakes made at office


1. Dark Eye Makeup/Heavy Eyeliner Wearing too much dark makeup on your eyes makes you seem less trustworthy. You may have your superiors asking if that black makeup is leftover from last night’s partying, and that is not a good thing. Save this look for when you’re actually going out, not stepping into the office.

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The journey to becoming One of Korea’s Most Powerful Businesswomen


Today Haan is the celebrated founder and CEO of Haan Corp., a multimillion-dollar company in South Korea and she did it through an unwavering confidence in herself and her vision. She not only risked losing her house by taking out a mortgage for funding, but she risked the houses of both her parents and her in-laws. She understood that if things didn’t work out, “everybody was on the street.” Read more