Then, and only then, carefully and patiently work the wood

Don’t rush through the meal by gobbling the food down. Numeral studies have shown that eating slower will help you to consume fewer calories. The reason is our brain takes about 20 minutes time to register that our tummies are full. If you’re going to attempt to ivy wood and then burn it with a woodburning pen, I would recommend you first practice on something less important like a piece of scrap. Sketch very, very lightly with your pencil (I recommend a mechanical pencil) until you have the whole piece finished. Then, and only then, carefully and patiently work the wood.

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Thanh Tu believes in bringing a fresh image of ‘Welcome’ with a ‘French touch’ to companies operating in Vietnam, at the same time enhancing the value of the traditional smile and hospitality of Vietnamese people. Keeping these ideas in mind, she founded Jolie Siam in 2006.

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