When Should You Become A Mom?


As the majority of staff is women, Jolie Siam always pays special attention to the balance of life for them. One of their biggest concern is the huge impact of having children in their future career. When is the perfect time for them to be pregnant, so they can fulfill their family duties and work? We’d like to present to you one example of a succesful woman:

Annette Larkin, now 46, waited until she was 38 to have her daughter, Bella. The time to focus on her career, during her 20s and early 30s, was the best gift she could have given herself and her child, she says. She achieved big successes working as a Capitol Hill staffer and as a field operative on both Clinton-Gore election campaigns. Now Larkin works for herself – thanks to the experience and network she has under her belt – which grants her the flexibility she says she needs to be a mom.

Nowadays, lots of women try to “wait to be a mom” like Larkin. They spend time to build a career, cushion their bank account and truly get to know theirselves and their partners. In the end, they can be 35 years old or more. Not everyone is so convinced. Ginamarie Ligon-Scott, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Villanova University explained: “If you wait, your professional role gets harder the longer you’re in it. So the longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to take time off. Executives are back at work two weeks after the baby because they feel so much responsibility at work.”

Despite the growing trend of women waiting, a new ForbesWoman and TheBump.com survey revealed older isn’t necessarily better. The majority of women and experts said that the ideal time to become a mom is between the ages of 25 and 29, citing that it’s enough time to establish a career and financial security and because it’s more likely that the woman and her partner will be ready to become parents. Younger moms are more accepting of imperfection and more capable of improvising. After the age of 30, here come the health issue and the distance between two generations.

Following the global trend, in Vietnam, at 1999, the first births were to women age 20 – 24. Now, women have their fisrt child on average at age 25 – 29. Heidi Murkoff, co-author of  What to Expect series, confirmed: “Try not to wait too long. Planning pregnancy for the time in your life that’s just right is ideal, but it’s not necessarily realistic. In waiting for that ideal day to dawn, you may find that it never it does–or that by the time it does, your body’s no longer able to cooperate in conception.”

Based on Forbes.com, 03/02/2010, Jenna Goudreau

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